Sunday, 29 November 2009

Festive stitching

Just thought I would share some festive stitching with you - I've no idea why this is underlined, I have tried to get rid of it.....:-( Answers on a postcard please!

RoBins with sleigh bells
PatChwork TreeS
FesTive teapots,

ok now I am confused, the underlining has gone and the font has changed.mmmmmm

Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Funky Festive Fayre

So today was spent in a chilly village hall somewhere in Northamptonshire. Overall the day was good, but I did keep my coat on *note to self- do I need to buy some thermal undies for this craft fair malarkey?? Probably, especially if I am sat stitching at my stall all day.

Festive was the theme and Festive they got, with no sign of tinsel or glitter.

These are my ware's:

The odd fake bough ( I had to raid the christmas cupboard a month early for that one)

The odd extra large pine cone from French Camping holidays, they are always on show in our house :-)
And some much admired felt 'paper chains'........

I did OK with the sales and thanks to the mass production I have gone into in recent weeks, I still have enough stock for the next fairs coming up. Time to clean and iron from now on I think. Thank you to my trusty followers for venturing into the windy depths of 'Another County'. X

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Time for another post....:-)

Where did that week go? I just run, children, school, teaching, planning, taking photo's when the sun is shinning, down loading when it is not! Checking Facebook for friends far from home. Stitching and thinking. Back to school for the children - they sometimes do after school clubs (great) but each one finishes at a different time (not so great)!! Then we play 'happy families' and then I have the evening to play here or there and off to my bed. So I have managed to list more items :-), annoyingly 2 items dropped off and I don't know why!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

OOoooo, at last I have started this new blog :-)

I have been wondering for a long time when I would manage to start this blog. I really wanted it to coincide with a little shop somewhere and links to my own work. 'trumpet fanfare' that moment has come - if I can only find the links......wish me luck on my quest!
So, here is my first showcase of work, I have started a (very) tiny shop on etsy, the technology is beyond me at the moment, but they say I will get quicker......mmmmm, I hope so!

They do look good, even if I say so myself.....:-)