Sunday, 29 November 2009

Festive stitching

Just thought I would share some festive stitching with you - I've no idea why this is underlined, I have tried to get rid of it.....:-( Answers on a postcard please!

RoBins with sleigh bells
PatChwork TreeS
FesTive teapots,

ok now I am confused, the underlining has gone and the font has changed.mmmmmm

Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Funky Festive Fayre

So today was spent in a chilly village hall somewhere in Northamptonshire. Overall the day was good, but I did keep my coat on *note to self- do I need to buy some thermal undies for this craft fair malarkey?? Probably, especially if I am sat stitching at my stall all day.

Festive was the theme and Festive they got, with no sign of tinsel or glitter.

These are my ware's:

The odd fake bough ( I had to raid the christmas cupboard a month early for that one)

The odd extra large pine cone from French Camping holidays, they are always on show in our house :-)
And some much admired felt 'paper chains'........

I did OK with the sales and thanks to the mass production I have gone into in recent weeks, I still have enough stock for the next fairs coming up. Time to clean and iron from now on I think. Thank you to my trusty followers for venturing into the windy depths of 'Another County'. X