Friday, 13 April 2012

Easter jolly

School holidays for me always bring a mixture of so much time - but no time. Everyone has their own expectations.....and quite rightly too! But it's always a challenge to please everyone all of the time as you no-doubt know from first hand experience. So I find myself thinking and planning textile work while I am doing the ironing and then I might throw a couple of samples together when I can.
Yesterday I managed to take No3 out for a 'ride in the country' with a packet of wine gums as a bribe! He was quite keen as No1 and No2 were out with friends. He sat in the front seat of the car and we chatted all the way, all was good.
We were off to the Bramble patch, one of the best quilting shops in the area and about a 40min drive. Also a textile exhibition was coming to an end and I needed to go - result!

Actually No3 was quite interested in some fabric and started planning things I could make for him.

Anyway, back to the exhibition:
A range of work by tutors and students from the day a month course from 2011, I took pictures of things that caught my eye. Lots of lovely work, but the glare from the sun got in the way at times.

No3 started reading this piece out load, I hoped there were no naughty words in it, but thankfully he didn't spot any if there were!