Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Happy trees get bigger

For the last couple of days, I have been playing around with celebration 'happy trees'.

Hatching and Matching are easy to celebrate - dispatching?? Celebrate a life in a standing felt tree? I think it's a lovely idea, what do you think?

This one I have made to celebrate 20 years with my husband, 16 years married, but I wanted to go for the 20 year marker with the tree.

Made to order and listed in my smallbeans Etsy shop, I cannot wait to make some seasonal variations for special arrivals and partnerships - let's celebrate!

Here is a wedding version, a small tree, embroidered with the colours of a wedding, and the love birds themselves of course. (and there we are in the picture, July 1995)

Vintage inspired embroidery, and the year of the wedding, bride and groom names on the reverse.

These ones I have made for the children, retrospectively marking their arrivals.

They are stuffed with lavender, so not only mark a special occasion, they smell lovely too.

I also made one for my sisters birthday last week, but just embroidered the day and month, we don't need to be reminded about the year do we Helen?? x

Monday, 6 June 2011

Hatching and Matching

I've been busy for the last couple of weeks making thank you brooches for godmothers and dresses for bridesmaids. Two different events and families but held over the same weekend.

The girls looked lovely at the mum and dads wedding and I. is holding a bouqet of felt flowers made by the bride who might have been inspired by my stitching classes (and was known for getting very frustrated and throwing things around the room!). Rebecca has now done her self proud with these lovely creations and admitted she just needed a reason to make something.

Front and back of dresses :)

M. held a bridesmaid dolly and I made a matching dress for her.

The christening brooches were 'thank you' gifts for the Godmothers from the parents of Amilie. The theme of the day was butterflies and I played around with shrinky dink plastic and my favourite embroidery of the moment, folk flowers.

Sarah also asked me to make a brooch for our vicar, the lovely Chris. She wanted it to say Mizpah, I had heard of the word before, but did some research into its meaning and history. Mizpah brooches were common in Victorian times for being given to sweethearts who were separated but wanted to remember each other forever. Chris is retiring next year and Sarah thought this would be a lovely keepsake for her.

I shall list the spare brooches on my Smallbeans Etsy shop later today......and if you know anyone who might need special small felt 'thank-you', keep me in mind. :)
Thanks for calling by, I would say enjoy the sunshine, but it's grey and raining here. June has arrived!