Monday, 17 January 2011

Well it's about time I caught up with 2011

I have been dreaming of American Jane fabrics for a long know how it is! They are often over the sea in quilt stores but rarely here in the UK and something tells me they should be bought here to save on that my carbon footprint talking??
Then I thought - darn it, I need to stitch with some Punctuation and I splashed out on a jelly roll found here in the uk - yippee!
I had a plan to make the most use of it and have a go with only machine stitching and use mostly plain fabric to show off the prints and get more for my money....there were lots of '1sts' in this project and I did much of my thinking and planning while I was doing the ironing.
I then thought if I made the quilt as a gift, it would justify my rather last minute stitching obsession while I was supposed to be preparing for Christmas with tidying. Does that make sense?
So I set to work.....there are no photos of the process, I was always working in the evening when lighting was bad, but the good news is.......there is still 1/2 a jelly roll left so I can make another one and takes pics as I go :-)

I went to visit the quilt in it's new home after christmas and took these in the daylight, she is happy in her cottage in Norfolk.

So it was all machine quilted, I had a good go with my new walking foot, even completely attaching the binding on with it. The advise was " you will not win prizes for your quilts. but they will be so much quicker to make" that suited me.

Ok ok, I did have to hand stitch something, the little tufts in all the white squares. I had seen this detail in one of the vintage quilts at the V&A last year and needed to have a go.

NOTE TO SELF - COME BACK AND POST THE PROCESS OF THIS QUILT - not a resolution, just good practice.
Thanks for calling by, hope your year is creative and colourful.