Monday, 28 February 2011

""Small Trumpet Fanfare""

A few days later than planned (my birthday got in the way of proceedings) I have pulled a name out of a hat for the "happy tree" give away. :)

.....said names

......said hat - famous in Milton Keynes I'll have you know.

......blurred name - I will email you Linda for your land address - hurray!! is the little witness to my event.
It was interesting how many people either didn't look or take notice, mmmmm.
Even on Facebook, mmmmmm
I shall do another draw in aid of Market Research for Mother's day :)
Thanks to those who did notice, see you soon.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

....come on sunshine and a birthday give away :)

It's still chilly here in MK, I don't take my hat off very often, but I have been willing spring on with some new ideas that have been sitting in my head for a while.
This bold brooch was inspired by one of my finds in my Nan's (grandmothers) old jewellery box when she went to the big charity shop in the clouds some 16 years ago.
Her house was stuffed full of 'treasure' I am so pleased I was able to keep much of it, my sister and mom just weren't into these eclectic pieces. Yippee for me!

So, back to the big bow brooch, it is a small silver 3d bow with 2 small scottie dogs hanging on leads. I don't think they were designed to be together but my Nan must have had a creative vision. I had a stall at a H&V fayre on Saturday and they were much admired.
So this one I have proudly listed on etsy here.

I have been making birds and clouds for a while as mobiles and the doggies got me thinking about clouds and birds flying......I was stitching one of these at 'the show' on saturday and sold it instantly, so that's a good sign for my Cloudy Day brooches. The lovely lady was looking for a squirrel - "the world needs more squirrels" she said. Another variation perhaps? Watch this space.

......oh, and then there's my new trees :) Stuffed full with Lavender and handstitched with lots of love and care, I really enjoyed putting together this small copse.

....and here comes the sun, glowing in early spring rays the trees came to life.

To celebrate that glimpse of sunshine and my birthday next week, I am delighted to be giving away one of my trees :)

My first giveaway, so If you would like to take part leave a comment below.
I will be drawing the lucky winner next friday the 25th of February between opening my cards and eating my cake :-)
Link this into your blog and I will put you into the draw twice.
See you soon