Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Etsy blow my trumpet (for a while at least)

I did miss the actual moment sadly, but just as we got back from the end of tern school concert, I picked up a link from two lovely ladies in Argentina who had picked one of my items from my Etsy shop :-) thanks girls!!
To commemorate the first landing on the moon some 41 years ago, they picked 'moon' linked objects and my Button Moon sewing tidy snuck in there - hurray for today.

I am very excited, I've just had my first 'Treasury listing' - whoo hoo. Shame I cannot work out how to link this button to my site, not my blog- it's too late to try now, maybe tomorrow....
nobody's watching now anyway :-)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Day of Diversity...

It's still quite shocking that speed of uploading information isn't it? I have been asked to do some workshops in the Summer for MK Arts for Health and they requested some suitable jpegs to illustrate one of my proposed workshops.

So, in less than an hour I was able to design the block - a polystyrene pizza base and biro ( all high tech stuff), print a few colour combinations....

And then whizz up to the bathroom (best light in the house) to take the photos.
Uploaded them, turned them into Jpegs and sent them on their way to the project.
Not a bad afternoons work.