Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The place where I live......printing.

I like where I live. Which is handy really, as this is where we are planning to stay - for ever!

The reason I chose this place over other similar areas in MK was the Green with the municipal clock. The varied arrangement of Victorian Terrace houses, different on every street, some streets changing style of house in every block as different builders put them up.

And there are some lovely quirky buildings, this one used to be a one-room drinking house.

And one of these was the butchers.

So to the great embarrassment of my boys (you can just see one running off and one bobbing down trying not to be seen!) on the way home from school last week I took a few pictures to use as inspiration for a print project.
I played around in the sketchbook and carved some soft-cut lino.

 Then got a bit carried away with the different ways I could use these two blocks.


I'm not entirely sure how I am going to use the ideas, I did purchase some System 3 Textile medium, which might be the answer, but I just enjoyed playing and repeating the images.

There is a windmill in the village too, so there is room for a quirky addition to the scene, lucky us!