Thursday, 28 January 2010

ACE Display

I popped into the 'office' today to pick up some flyers for my new course with ACE due to start after Easter :-) (details will be published at the end of February)
There was a great display of some of my crafty work together with a beady jewellery collection, a scrap-booking book and some great wooden carvings. Should have asked whether I could take some pics for the blog, mmmmm, perhaps I'll go back.

Anyway, I do like the way Aldrene set up the display, the lavender bird and small hen are happily chatting and a poppyhead angel is having a snooze under the warm lights.
Apparently the display has been admired and people have shown a lot of interest in the courses ACE offer.
You never know who may pop by and have a look......

Thursday, 21 January 2010

A day of Heritage at the Library

Today I was part of a Heritage Day for Milton Keynes Council and various associated societies and groups. The event was called Our Place MK and has been held before, but not in the Library I think. I spent the morning on the ACE stand chatting and making with a number of interested people who may have come in for the exhibition or may have just been coming into the Library.
As you can see from the programme, it was a jam-packed day and I only wish I could have seen more for myself, but work and school runs got in the way this afternoon. :-(

I hope it was a success for all concerned I had some lovely chat's with potential stitchers and enjoyed making some brooches with a couple of ladies I know from previous classes. I have been working on a number of projects specifically inspired by vintage techniques, hence the Heritage connection.

As you can see, it was difficult to keep my space tidy, but such is the life of a crafting stitcher, don't ask my husband about that one.....

This is Barbara's prepared brooch which she has promised to finnish for a new class after Easter. More of that nearer the time.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Love is in the Air.....

Simple things please me!

Like looking at 'piles' of things I have made in different colours and fabrics.
It's a good way of reminding me when the children were 'very' small rather than now when they go out and play with friends on their own. Then it took me hours to make one thing I wasn't very happy with. Now with all this time (!!) and focus - results are quicker and much more satisfying! I try to remind my ladies who stitch that there is life after children and they can make time to do things for themselves, which is so important but easily forgotten or overlooked.

With February the Month of Love just round the corner, it's time to remember warm hearted people we love and value. For me, it's my birthday month, so I'll gloss over that new number looming up ahead of me for a few more weeks....

Friday, 8 January 2010

Christmas 2009

Just thought I would share a few pictures of my christmas projects before I officially start the new year, don't look at the date! No, I said don't!!

I made 4 Murtle Turtles, an adapted pattern from SewHip magazine, they were pressies for the two sets of Grandparents and 'Aunties', I hope they will write home one day...:-)
They enjoyed exploring the pile of presents before they left for their new lives.

A patch tree, crammed onto our rather small christmas tree, will have to do something about that next year I think.

One of the many 'advent' activities in our house is the sock fairy. She collected their baby socks over the years (co-ordinated ones only) and pegged them up on the fireplace. Every night the little fairy pops 3 chocolate coins into a sock, ahh! Sometimes she forgets and has to magically fly by during the day......
One of my reindeer door hangers, happy with the socks. I hope the many pairs of these I sold before christmas are as happy as these, thank you dear customers!