Friday, 8 January 2010

Christmas 2009

Just thought I would share a few pictures of my christmas projects before I officially start the new year, don't look at the date! No, I said don't!!

I made 4 Murtle Turtles, an adapted pattern from SewHip magazine, they were pressies for the two sets of Grandparents and 'Aunties', I hope they will write home one day...:-)
They enjoyed exploring the pile of presents before they left for their new lives.

A patch tree, crammed onto our rather small christmas tree, will have to do something about that next year I think.

One of the many 'advent' activities in our house is the sock fairy. She collected their baby socks over the years (co-ordinated ones only) and pegged them up on the fireplace. Every night the little fairy pops 3 chocolate coins into a sock, ahh! Sometimes she forgets and has to magically fly by during the day......
One of my reindeer door hangers, happy with the socks. I hope the many pairs of these I sold before christmas are as happy as these, thank you dear customers!

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