Thursday, 28 January 2010

ACE Display

I popped into the 'office' today to pick up some flyers for my new course with ACE due to start after Easter :-) (details will be published at the end of February)
There was a great display of some of my crafty work together with a beady jewellery collection, a scrap-booking book and some great wooden carvings. Should have asked whether I could take some pics for the blog, mmmmm, perhaps I'll go back.

Anyway, I do like the way Aldrene set up the display, the lavender bird and small hen are happily chatting and a poppyhead angel is having a snooze under the warm lights.
Apparently the display has been admired and people have shown a lot of interest in the courses ACE offer.
You never know who may pop by and have a look......

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