Thursday, 21 January 2010

A day of Heritage at the Library

Today I was part of a Heritage Day for Milton Keynes Council and various associated societies and groups. The event was called Our Place MK and has been held before, but not in the Library I think. I spent the morning on the ACE stand chatting and making with a number of interested people who may have come in for the exhibition or may have just been coming into the Library.
As you can see from the programme, it was a jam-packed day and I only wish I could have seen more for myself, but work and school runs got in the way this afternoon. :-(

I hope it was a success for all concerned I had some lovely chat's with potential stitchers and enjoyed making some brooches with a couple of ladies I know from previous classes. I have been working on a number of projects specifically inspired by vintage techniques, hence the Heritage connection.

As you can see, it was difficult to keep my space tidy, but such is the life of a crafting stitcher, don't ask my husband about that one.....

This is Barbara's prepared brooch which she has promised to finnish for a new class after Easter. More of that nearer the time.

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