Monday, 18 January 2010

Love is in the Air.....

Simple things please me!

Like looking at 'piles' of things I have made in different colours and fabrics.
It's a good way of reminding me when the children were 'very' small rather than now when they go out and play with friends on their own. Then it took me hours to make one thing I wasn't very happy with. Now with all this time (!!) and focus - results are quicker and much more satisfying! I try to remind my ladies who stitch that there is life after children and they can make time to do things for themselves, which is so important but easily forgotten or overlooked.

With February the Month of Love just round the corner, it's time to remember warm hearted people we love and value. For me, it's my birthday month, so I'll gloss over that new number looming up ahead of me for a few more weeks....

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