Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I'll just knock up a quick tree if you don't mind?

You can imagine the scene - "oh yes, that's a good idea I will exhibit a tree in an exhibition. It's just sitting on my window ledge after it's last outing and needs a new adventure...."
Time passes......
Oh, but the exhibition is to showcase textile decoration- dying, printing and embelishment and my tree does not tick those boxes so I will just have to re-make it!! No pressure....

So last friday morning, I set about printing my 'bark-ing' design onto some previously dyed fabric, as you do. It wasn't proper fabric printing, meaning that it takes forever to dry but does the job eventually and you probably cannot wash it. This is not such a problem for Mr Tree though, he is not to be worn.
I worked out a template for a leaf which would tally nicely with it's self and set to work. The print was created very quickly with a polystyrene pizza base and a biro pen. After a day on the line and a day inside, the ink still wasn't dry so I gave it a quick go over with an iron, job done.
Now to make it pretty, or just work which ever came first.

Some machine stitching is always a good start, then some hand stitching.....and then "why not, some vintage inspired embroidered flowers" I have been looking for a reason for months to have a go. I plan out my design.

After about a couple of hours solid stitching I had great fun inventing new blooms from my limited range of suitable stitches, you can see here it is mounted onto some interfacing to give it more stability:

I found a large piece of vintage polka dot fabric to use as a backing and stitched rs together.

With the help of a bamboo cane, a bag of mung beans and alot of stuffing, the tree was standing up for itself:

Now for the leaves and a couple of friends to chat to:

Ta Dar: Mr Tree No 2 is now finished but more of a Mrs I think, plans for more when I have a bit of time in the future I hope.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Well this was my day....

There is a trend in the crafting world to show where you work, mmmm. I work in the same room where everything else happens in our house downstairs. There is only one room, apart from the kitchen. My trusty husband has gone out of his way to make space for me and the 'stuff', I have lovely Ikea fabric boxes stacked on lovely Ikea shelving. Sadly my 'stuff' takes up most of the floor space in-front of these shelves too. mmmm. Not to mention, the rest of it, the book shelves and the large cupboard in the local Community Centre I rent out! Hey, ho.
So I don't have a lovely work room and probably never will, our youngest is 6 so perhaps in 15 years time at the earliest we might have a spare room for me to work in.

This is the chaos of my day, I a too ashamed to show you the corner/pile. One day perhaps, when the queen comes to tea?

To give me space and time, Chris has taken the children out for the day! A car and train trip to Norfolk.
Hurray! A whole day of stitching. It started off well at 8.30 when the postman arrived with my new business cards :-) In the middle of a Bank Holiday and needed for monday, perfect timing.

I of course, made the most of the day, getting through my worklist (in my head, not on paper, that would be too efficient) and coming up with some new spontanious work.

To add to the day, there was also some sunshine - I know! So a rushed to the Photo studio - ha - and took some pics too, busy lady.

To finish my perfect 'me time' day, I am now going out to a friends house for a girly curry evening. Lush. xxx