Sunday, 7 February 2010

The summer project is finnished!

Last summer (2009) I set myself a stitching project for high days and holidays, I NEEDED to be able to stitch all the time. I spend so much time sitting in the park on play schemes with the children and just general being outside, chatting and having the odd picnic. It just seemed logical to have a project to work on when I had a moment.

I found some large pieces in my stash - this was not a difficult task I have the 2010 base fabrics there too. I then started to collect bits to add the patchwork hearts. Again, more scraps from my stash and then the odd gem from a charity shop.
I worked on each strip individually, so it was portable and less conspicuous.

Each heart was interfaced and then machined on, I now wish of course I had used bond-a-web, would have cut down the hastle no end, mmmm.

Once I had planned the fabrics, I then arranged the hearts, left to right:


The space between each heart was the width of a heart, does that make sense?

Sitting in the park, or the tent or on the beech, I worked feather stitch over each heart. Then started machining the strips together and continued feather stitching over the seams.
The quilt then lay dormant for 3 months, school, work and christmas took over. :-(

Then as if my magic, the time came again when I needed to stitch and keep warm in a small cottage in Norfolk, so out came the fabric, a blanked I had been saving to line it with and some lovely navy hand quilting thread. Hey bingo, in one chilly day and night, I had quilted round each heart in the navy.
And then to bind, mm, never done that properly before. Had a surf and found this article really useful and the binding went on like a dream.

Hurray! Snugly warm and lovely in this grey, grey month of February.

In my head I am now planning this years summer project, Purple and Green will be the scheme - roll on the summer :-)