Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A grand day out

Last Sunday I went to my first Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra palace in North London.
I've never managed to go before - husband away, busy with some family occasion, just not managed to organise it - you know the score!
Anyway, it all came together rather easily in the end. Just needed a very early start on a Sunday morning to get a coach which would take us to the door step and then bring us home again after a long day of "oohing and ahhing and the odd mmmm, perhaps not"

I have managed to take a few pictures, there were lots of signs saying 'No photo's please respect my work' which was fine. Some of the artists had postcards, but not they were not the ones I would have snapped anyway, hey ho.

There were some lovely quilts from the Quilters Guild, shaky hands got in the way a bit, but you get the gist of them I hope.

And then there was a lovely exhibit of paper art, they were happy for snaps too, 'just don't touch'!!

These were large collages of found paper by Peter Cook for the Holland Paper Biannale.

We walked out legs off, bustled with sturdy crafters who held onto their own space very well and spent a bit (!!) of money on lovely things, just to save on postage you understand. Next year, we will know what to do and where to go first and might even sign up for a workshop.
Great day out though, cannot wait to get stitching! xx