Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Step back and be inspired

Just before the wet and soggy half term, I took a jolly trip to London to see The Queen.
Errrr no.
I took a jolly trip to see the exhibition of textiles to see the 'Queens' of modern textile design at the FTM in Bermondsey. Set up 10 years ago by Zandra Rhodes a great pink building in the middle of a bustling south London street, now in the shadow of the Shard. I had never been before - shame on me.
Anyway, a very lovely time was had. And although I have seen most of these fabrics in books, it was great to see the scale of them and see them appreciated as art.

An overall view of the main room.

Images taken through glass, on the sly.

Then I realised that no-one minded me taking pictures, so I got a bit bolder....

A view from the gallery

I have since looked for this book, needless to say it is rare and costs a smallish fortune - one day perhaps.

The following pics show various fabrics in different colour combinations, I could work out the names of the fabrics, but I haven't got time - sorry :) I'm sure you could find them in a reference book.

There was also a bonus small room of the history of Sanderson fabrics, with a VT of traditional printing and images of modern photoshop printing (this is not mentioned on the website and was not there at Easter) I had been to the Sanderson headquarters back in the mid 80's with my art foundation course. Cannot remember much about it, which is a shame. It's now the Sanderson Hotel.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Easter jolly

School holidays for me always bring a mixture of so much time - but no time. Everyone has their own expectations.....and quite rightly too! But it's always a challenge to please everyone all of the time as you no-doubt know from first hand experience. So I find myself thinking and planning textile work while I am doing the ironing and then I might throw a couple of samples together when I can.
Yesterday I managed to take No3 out for a 'ride in the country' with a packet of wine gums as a bribe! He was quite keen as No1 and No2 were out with friends. He sat in the front seat of the car and we chatted all the way, all was good.
We were off to the Bramble patch, one of the best quilting shops in the area and about a 40min drive. Also a textile exhibition was coming to an end and I needed to go - result!

Actually No3 was quite interested in some fabric and started planning things I could make for him.

Anyway, back to the exhibition:
A range of work by tutors and students from the day a month course from 2011, I took pictures of things that caught my eye. Lots of lovely work, but the glare from the sun got in the way at times.

No3 started reading this piece out load, I hoped there were no naughty words in it, but thankfully he didn't spot any if there were!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

My other job - an update

a few weeks ago I was spotted taking photo's of NB, my favourite place to live.....sort of, if I don't think too hard about anywhere else I'd like to live.....
Anyway - I have now started playing with these images and trying out different techniques from the C&G textiles course I am leading.
I have made some soft cut lino blocks.....

Played with Magic stamp .....

 Combined the two.....

 Just Magic stamp...

 A bit of everything.....

 Sketchbook work...

Shibori and stamping....

Friday, 16 March 2012

New Vintage Ventures

Here is my next venture into the great Vintage selling lark:
 The Lovely Northampton Handmade & Vintage people Trevor and Ann: 
I will be joining them for their first venture into Buckingham on the 1st of April.
I have done really well with them in Northampton, Olney and Market Harborough, so I know Buckingham will be delightful too!

Pasted Graphic
Click on the poster to whizz to their lovely site.

.....and this fair I did last Sunday


One fat Hen organised their first Vintage Fair in Yardley Hastings in Northamptonshire - and what a fair! Very well organised and attended, lots of lovely sellers and buyers, it's always good to catch-up with friends from the last couple of years. Click on the poster :)


This is my new 'flying brooch' I hope it will fly out,
and last weekend in Yardley Hastings, it just about did!
The lovely fair

Lots of variations planned, I've just got to get round to making
them and putting them on Etsy I think.....message me if you would like
your own 'best' badge for someone special.

( I have not got the hang of these photo's yet, sorry and all that, but looks like I am going for the quirky composition whether I like it or not!)

See you around and about I hope xx

Oh good grief, It's March!

I have been really busy- honest! There is an abundance of Vintage & Handmade fairs around and about at the moment - and it's lovely to be invited and involved in them!
Here are a few snap-shots of my stall at the the MK Vintage & Handmade weekend fair at the Center MK recently.
MKhandmade Andvintage Markets

I was sharing a stall with the lovely Susanna from Hearts-n-kisses. The fair was open for the time the shopping centre is open, until 7pm.

A close up of some new aroma hearts - they smell of
either gingerbread or roses!

My shared stall was end on to the crowds, so
I had to be enterprising with my display. Thanks to
Aunty Gladys and her trusty suitcases and
tiny table, I saved the day.
I am rather loving these little liberty brooches and my favourite
The lights we had were really useful at about 4.40, when the natural daylight
dimmed. £3.50's worth of Ikea light well spent I say.

The union jack brooches in the foreground are selling well, for Jubilee and Olympic celebrations.