Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Step back and be inspired

Just before the wet and soggy half term, I took a jolly trip to London to see The Queen.
Errrr no.
I took a jolly trip to see the exhibition of textiles to see the 'Queens' of modern textile design at the FTM in Bermondsey. Set up 10 years ago by Zandra Rhodes a great pink building in the middle of a bustling south London street, now in the shadow of the Shard. I had never been before - shame on me.
Anyway, a very lovely time was had. And although I have seen most of these fabrics in books, it was great to see the scale of them and see them appreciated as art.

An overall view of the main room.

Images taken through glass, on the sly.

Then I realised that no-one minded me taking pictures, so I got a bit bolder....

A view from the gallery

I have since looked for this book, needless to say it is rare and costs a smallish fortune - one day perhaps.

The following pics show various fabrics in different colour combinations, I could work out the names of the fabrics, but I haven't got time - sorry :) I'm sure you could find them in a reference book.

There was also a bonus small room of the history of Sanderson fabrics, with a VT of traditional printing and images of modern photoshop printing (this is not mentioned on the website and was not there at Easter) I had been to the Sanderson headquarters back in the mid 80's with my art foundation course. Cannot remember much about it, which is a shame. It's now the Sanderson Hotel.