Saturday, 6 March 2010

New felt, new projects

I have at last got my own supply of felt to sell to all my lovely stitchers, so armed with 35 lush colours in lovely rich felt I have started a new project to inspire :-)

I made a 'penny' quilt/pannel when I first stared the courses I do, but only made it in 4 colours. It looked great, but I was itching to make it in the full blown 9 square/9 colour version.

So here it is:
The recipe calls for 5 rich colours and four pale colours or visa versa of course.
You then cut one square and 3 circles of decreasing size from each of the 9 colours.

Then you arrange the colours, alternating bright with pale as much as you can, until you have a pleasing arrangement.

This is the range of my felt it all it's glory. Grouped into Yellows, Reds, Blues, Purples, Greens, Browns and Neutrals. I am really pleased with the set.
I have put an A5 set in my etsy shop, but have already started selling direct to the stitchers I work with. Thanks ladies!

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  1. Hi, I found you via UK Handmade. You have a lovely blog .. and lots of great ideas!