Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Stony Report

In spite of the first grey day for a long while, the rain held off on Saturday in Stony Stratford (for those interested, it was the setting for that iconic film "Withnail and I").....a lovely traditional town with fabulous high street full of independent shops........and a great Georgian Community Building York Hall!

Foot flow was steady, but very enthusiastic and I think most sellers had a good day. 

Here are some pics borrowed from a Facebook album, by Neighbourhood Laundry :)

Better plug my own work first.......it would be rude not too!

Making draft excluders, as you do! Lovely vintage fabrics.

This lady is a neighbour of mine and we had no idea we both did these events until Saturday  "hello Lizzie" :)

This brave man stood outside all day, brave indeed, but he looks happy enough.

A quiet moment, but you ca see how lovely the hall looked and a corner of my stall with a rather lovely display of gingerbread trees in an old wooden crate.

......lots of eclectic sellers with lovely tempting delights and there is a very cute folding table hiding under here that I purchased - so cute it had to come home with me.

Looking forward to Market Harborough on the 19th, I certainly love this mix of Handmade AND Vintage, you get a lovely class of customer - haha! 

Jane x


  1. Looks like a good day, love your new brooches Linda xx

  2. thank Linda :) see you soon xx