Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Just tying up loose ends.......hardly!

So this is the final instalment of 'making the squares'.
Printing patterns caused my the most headaches I think, the little dharlings were more interested in painting the letter and around the letter rather that a bit of both. Given simple tools to print with, the prefered to daub the paint on. Some did well, like this one below. Others made a great pattern and then got carried away and painted all over it again. I think I was making it too much fun!
Also, perhaps if I had given them something hard to print with they wouldn't have been tempted to sponge the paint on - I will never know, not in this project anyway. Perhaps next time!

Year 2 was a quick but effective 'design a letter and then paint round it with dilute ink' technique. It gives a lovely light contrast to the other very colourful squares, but really effective results.

Foundation 2 - the 4-5 year olds - agh. They did well, the technique was simple, but the chats we had were priceless. This little lad drew a cupcake and a volcano next to his letter, who knows why? But I was not going to get in the way of his creativity.

Sp here they are, the Super Severn piles of squares. 5 weeks ago this was 5m of plain calico.

 And just because I like to pile things up and take their photo, here is the pile.....

Next stage - the children think of their memories from this year at school, this will be a challenge with all age groups I think!

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