Sunday, 16 May 2010

Handmade & Vintage arrives in Stony Stratford.....

I have seen 'Handmade & Vintage' mentioned many a time in other lovely blogs, promising just that- handmade treasures and vintage or pre-owned delights.....oh have I dreamed. What has stopped me going to such an occasion? Life. They are always too far away, or we are busy doing something else or I have missed them (note to self, do a bit more research perhaps). Of course the other problem might be that I am too easily drawn into NEEDING new and lovely things and our house is already jam packed with 'stuff' and children :-(.

Anyway, back to the plot, I was invited by the lovely Shelly to join her for a new venture just up the road from myself and I fair jumped at the chance. This delightful day was yesterday and I was not disappointed:

The only problem with these photos is that it looks quiet, believe me it was not! It's just I took these at the end of the day when things had gotten quieter and I had some space to snap away.

My new egg-box display idea took along time to arrange, too much tweaking for my liking but I was happy with the result, what do you think??

The table mat, was one I rescued from my Nan's house when she moved onto the big Charity shop in the sky, I have a lot of her vintage treasures and cannot part with them. I have lots of ideas for up-cyling but not always the time. This however, seemed the perfect occasion to stitch a much needed sign for my stall. One day it might say 'for your home and your coat' but I ran out of time. It did provide a good place for my cards though, so perhaps it will stay blank.

And then there were the cakes......mismatched tea sets, vintage Royal wedding mugs and a whole lot of Union Jack flags made for a lovely tea time feel all day long, I think we were British and Proud of it!
York House In historic Stony Stratford provided the perfect setting for this occasion and there was a lovely array of both Handmade and Vintage, it's just this blogger is a bit scared and not famous enough to ask to take day perhaps.

This is my friend and she didn't mind, thanks Yvonne. A lovely talented lady, always wise and funny. Her beautiful jewellery made from handmade felt, textiles and vintage beads are lovely and she had a great day. (Thanks for the donut Jeff)

Other attractions included a proper ice-cream lady, you can see her wares being eaten in this picture I think. She ran in at the end of the day, sad that we were packing up and she had been too busy to come and look.

I didn't speak to an unhappy person, it was a joy of a day. I sold to new and returning customers and bought a couple of things, there was more temptation of course, but I was very restrained and remembered the size of our house.


  1. It was such a perfect day!!!
    I was indeed very sad that I did not have longer to search through all the glorious treasures but very happy to have served so many happy people from my old van 'Betty' Everyone one of them happy to show me what they had purchased!!!
    It was such a great event x Let's hope there is another one soon!!!

  2. I forgot it was on - I'm gutted that I missed it.

  3. It was a great day. I just wish that I could have had longer to enjoy it without little nagger after wonderful tin robots and anything else he thought he might get away with. :) - Bless him.

    Thank you for letting me know about it Jane. Next stop the Bicycle Basket Bazaar in Northampton I think :S