Thursday, 27 May 2010

Spring in the Garden

Things move too quickly in the garden, don't they?? Sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst.....Spring suddenly arrives with new shoots and lush green leaves, like on this Golden Hop:
I love these bleeding hearts, but now as I blog this, they are past their best :-(....
This was a great week though, they looked lovely:

And this euphorbia looks great, but the stems are now quite long and need propping up.

We have a lilac tree in the garden, it smells just lovely, I didn't manage to capture is though and now the flowers are turning brown which is a shame. We're off on holiday for a week and the one thing I rush home to check is the garden, what has bloomed, grown or sadly not enjoyed our vacation and decided to wilt.

Hope the neighbours and in-laws remember to water my tomatoes at least!

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